The reaction turbine

Both water and liquid carbon dioxide are without any doubt the liquids that will support the needs for future renewable energy.

Oil in water emulsions are also a great option. Liquid carbon dioxide, known as R744, has almost ideal thermodynamic properties.

The engineers who have carefully studied the history of engines know that the reaction turbine is proven technology. The reaction turbine utilizes all the magnificent benefits of a rotating frame of matter. The turbine engine is in fact a small continuum in the general continuum.

Inertia of liquids and pressure change play a decisive role in the operation of this novel clean non-combustion turbine engine. The liquid for operation is stored inside the turbine housing and is continuously reused. No need for refill!

We sometimes forget that steam operated machinery can also recycle the water for operation.

The reaction turbine has the advantaged over combustion engines that it has only one single moving part! A concept that is very easy and cheap to build and to overhaul.

The costs of demonstration and testing are relative low. The total lead time for demonstration is about two years.