The missing piece of the puzzle

All nature applies continuum mechanics for the creation of force and motion. Several examples were studied in detail and it was found that all nature is governed by relative temperature, what we call heat. The human body, trees, grass roots, coral, fish, cancer cells, they are all governed by temperature. In other words, heat governs the behavior of all electromagnetic fields, fields that we humans in most cases can observe as dense substance. Sometimes dense substance is present but we can’t observe it.

The main difference between mass conversion and mass flow conversion is the strength of forces referred to as energy density or potential energy if you like. Von Helmholtz called this the sum of tension forces. In continuum mechanics the sum of tension forces is less than it is for fossil fuels. Energy density can also be defined as the rate of excitement of quantum fields due to the introduction or addition of heat to the field(s).

In our modern society we are familiar with continuum mechanics by the utilization of wind force, water force and tidal force. Deeper understanding of the mechanical properties of the continuum leads to knowledge about even more desirable forces that can be utilized for their conversion into sustainable electricity.