The liquid piston engine

The liquid piston engine is one of the novel non-combustion engines in a wider range of machines. The engine is displayed in combination with a big truck while the principles that are applied by the mechanical engineers for both machines are exactly the same.

The liquid piston engine is an engine that is based on the principle of maintained continuous elastic collision of matter.

The continuous elastic collision in the picture is maintained by the basketball player.

The machine is weatherproof and can be built in any environment around the world. Outside temperatures may range from -30 degrees Celsius (-22 F) to 45 Celsius (112 F).

A continuous elastic collision is a dispatchable system that can start to operate at any moment of the day and can be stopped again.

No need for energy storage!

With capital costs under $1500/KW, a capacity factor higher than 95% and an engine size under 1 MW, the liquid piston engine is by far the most competitive renewable electricity generation system for the future.

The cost of demonstration and testing are relative low. The total lead time of demonstration is about two years. The engines are easy to integrate in both high voltage distribution systems as well as in small micro grids for industries and communities.


The future for the liquid piston engines in large container ships is very promising. These container ships will only loose some 50 TEU capacity.