Social engineering, the transformation of human conditions

Both novel engines will help transforming the world into a zero-emission renewable energy world.

Continuum mechanics is more than an energy transition. It means affordable renewable energy for all. Not only for household use but also for the empowerment of people. Most people don’t realize enough that more than 1 billion people live in areas that are not suitable for sustainable development because of high temperatures and lack of water.

Affordable renewable energy and cooling are conditional for the empowerment of the people in these regions. In the future this number is expected to increase.

And last but not least it will mean a worldwide transition of ownership of resources. The whole energy business will change from government / corporate ownership into private / business ownership.

If this transition of ownership is able to avoid ‘bigness’ and to keep the cost of electricity as low as possible, billions of new jobs will be created by millions of creative people. Some things, like renewable energy and housing, might be too big for business!