Before you read this paper

This white paper might be the first ‘paper’ in the world that describes the process of system thinking of an emerging creative designer. A designer who believes that renewable and affordable energy for all will change both human awareness and behavior in favor of a sustainable human society. We have to improve human conditions first in order to stop climate change. It is important to understand that this paper is not written according scientific standards. For what these standards are worth.


Scientific theories have no value. Only when a theory meets experiment it can be called a law of nature. Energy is complex to understand, but it is by far not the most complex aspect of nature. Energy is a subject for both physicists and mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers have an advantage over physics because the ‘engine’ is always the center piece of motive power. Mechanical engineers have also an advantage in experimentation. Although proven by experiment the continuum assumption is not widely accepted in physics and can be regarded as the missing piece of the puzzle. The mechanical properties of the continuum offer mechanical engineers a wealth of opportunities for the design of new types of clean non-combustion engines. The continuum is a conservative mechanism, meaning that the most desirable forces that are available for conversion into motive power, are renewable and abundant. ‘One for four’ is the principle that affordable renewable energy is conditional for solving issues like clean water supply, malnutrition and climate change.
A remarkable project that is hitting 8 out of 17 sustainable development goals.


I like to express my gratitude to my young fellow Chayten Richard Haasbroek from Zimbabwe, for taking the time and effort to proofread this white paper. Chayten is an exceptional intelligent and open minded fellow who fully understands the ‘why’ of this project. His valuable comments have made me rewrite and extend parts of the paper, turning it into a better document.